MegaMind Player


Multimedia player to see local and online files


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MegaMind Player is a video player that lets you store and view all your multimedia files (music, video and images). With MegaMind Player, you can access any type of file in a more direct and comfortable way than with similar apps. With MegaMind Player, you have everything at your reach.

This tool manages your audiovisual content and syncs it with all your portable devices. MegaMind Player's tools are found in the main menu made up of a series of commands, AutoPlay, and an information bar, all on a simple and attractive interface.

The player can store the files locally and support a large number of formats and codecs so that you can see practically all your files and easily search for them when you want to. In addition, MegaMind Player isn't just able to reproduce all the multimedia content from your computer, but also able to access any YouTube link on your interface.

Lastly, depending on your needs, you can change the interface to a full window or a miniplayer, so that you can adjust any of the tabs you need to see on your desktop at any time.
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